EL ÁLAMO International Development

DLD -Daniel Léveillé Danse

A/ Since 2019 I’m collabotaring with DLD (Daniel Léveillé Danse) as International Development in Europe and South America . Frédérick Gravel , Catherine Gaudet, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Étienne Lepage will be performing in Europe in theaters and internationals Festivals en France, Germany



photo©marta oliveres

To visit a festival it’s more than to see shows, to meet people . How to conect the professionals with the Urban Context , proposing cultural itineraries linked at the natural an local ecosistema of the city. That’s is my goal ¡

A/ SISMÓGRAF FESTIVAL que detecta el moviment to 24 til 26 April 2020 que detecta el moviment https://www.sismografolot.cat/

B/ GRECPRO to 5 til 10 July 2020 . Since 2019 I’m working at GrecPRO as a co.organiser and proposal of contents and artistic itinerary .https://www.barcelona.cat/grec/eng

C / EUFÓNIC FESTIVAL to 27 til 30 August 2020 https://eufonic.net/en/artistes/ Second year collaborating as international development and seminar participation https://eufonic.net/en/eufonic-campus-tres-dies-de-tallers-i-formacio/

D/ La Infinita de L’H is a space of research and laboratory http://www.lainfinitalh.org/queeslainfinita/