EL ÁLAMO International Development

DLD -Daniel Léveillé Danse

A/ Since 2019 I’m collabotaring with DLD (Daniel Léveillé Danse) as International Development in Europe and South America . Frédérick Gravel , Catherine Gaudet, Stéphane Gladyszewski, Étienne Lepage will be performing in Europe in theaters and internationals Festivals en France, Germany




photo©marta oliveres

Visiting a festival is watching shows, meeting people and creating collaborations. Connect professionals with the Urban Context, with the cultural ecosystem of the city, cultural itineraries linked to the natural ecosystem landscape and local urbanism of the city. That is my aim to encourage the international living arts community to discover new spaces, artists and events.

SISMÓGRAF FESTIVAL detecta el moviment to 24 til 26 April 2020 https://www.sismografolot.cat/

GREC FESTIVAL GREC PRO to 7 til 9 July 2020 https://www.barcelona.cat/grec/en/. Since 2019 I’m working at GrecPRO as a co.organiser and proposal of contents and artistic itinerary .

GREC PRO has 3 axes

Urban Context, Cultural Ecosistema , The Artists Community we want to show you our Ecosistema Cultural, we want to show you Barcelona and we want to show you where and how our artists work and produce.

EUFÓNIC FESTIVAL to 27 til 30 August 2020

https://eufonic.net/en/artistes/ Second year collaborating as international development and Eufónic Pro



La Infinita de L’H is a space of research and laboratory http://www.lainfinitalh.org/queeslainfinita