N.O.W project

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New Open Working process for the performing arts

N.O.W project

N.O.W aims to build the groundwork for a transnational competency cluster. Starting from a common expertise (managing the implementation of an artistic project and its reception by audiences), the 7 partners are engaging in an exploration within an experimental setting. They aim to develop a long-lasting prospective reflection in regards to their pratices.

This experimental structure is made up of 4 labs that shape the project and determine the 3 years program of activities






LÓKAL – Iceland


TRAFÓ – Hungary

WP ZIMMER – Belgium

  • LAB 1 – Strengthening competencies

FORMULATING AND SHARING research and needs relative to the evolution of the work environment and its impact on artistic practices and their social integration

PUTTING INTO PERSPECTIVE the synergy between the different stakeholders in the artistic management field for a common vision of art as experimentation

STRENGTHENING new competency profiles surrounding artistic careers, now and in the upcoming years

  • LAB 2 – A management structure based on networks

RETHINKING the artists’ careers beyond national contexts and frameworks

EXPERIMENTING with a collegial and transnational management approach that is adapted to the current setting

MANAGING the projects’ strategic development and financial models in order to ensure a better sustainability for the artists’ careers

  • LAB 3 – Innovating tools of production: investigating commissions

SETTING UP a framework in which artistic commissions invite citizens to participate

SETTING UP a framework in which the backer doesn’t only participate in the beginning and end of the process but also becomes a representative or advocate promoting the process itself

SETTING UP a framework that allows for the artist’s local involvement in response to a request or need arising from civil society

  • LAB 4 – Outreach and representation tools as restitution of the creative process

EMPHASIZING AND RELAYING the importance of the creative process to professionals, backers, and audiences

WORKING on new tools that enable other kinds of relaying, restitution, and promotion of the creative process

INVESTING in the field of outreach and representation by creating a space for critical thinking

Associated Partners

Ann Olaerts – (coordinator) – Belgium

Roger Christmann – ( admin supervisor ) – Germany

Laure Fernandez – NoTHx (young team THALIM-CNRS)

Valerie Pihet – Documentation – Belgium/France

Carole Salis – CRS4 – Italy

SISMÓGRAF – Festival – Spain


N.O.W is supported by the European Union within the framework of Creative Europe

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